Self Love, Softening, Compassion

June 29This has been the most incredible weekend. It started with me going to bed at 9pm on Friday night exhausted from my week and so happy about the Supreme Court decision. Then I woke up on Saturday morning, saw everyone's amazing photos at the rainbow White House and had a huge attack of FOMO (fear of missing out). Oh why didn't I go down there?! Oh the ego and how it loves to create drama! On Saturday I was able to see this amazing enlightened Tibetan lama. His presence opened up so much in me and showed me a few deeply raw wounds in my heart. I went to lunch feeling like I had so much work to do on myself. Then during post-lunch meditation, the realization arose that the only thing I need to focus on is softening that voice in my head. I'd been getting so harsh with myself because I let the ego in the drivers seat! Instead of demanding change, I simply told myself that I understood, life can be hard and the ego tricky. I started to cry!

I need the self love, softening, compassion SO much and I forget all the time. If love wins then it has to win inside of us too. Let's help each other remember!