Sharing Light

June 26Oh the light! I'm up early this morning, baking sourdough (new Friday ritual), doing self oil massage (Ayurvedic practice we so need in our culture) and inspired by an amazing interview with the very wise john a. powell on race and America through On Being. Krista Tippet, the interviewer, asked him about how to fix the broken structures of class and privilege in our country. He replied that what we need is a paradigm shift that helps us to remember that we are all connected and actually want to help each other. Yoga teaches us that we suffer because we have forgotten our true nature of light. We live in a paradigm of fear and scarcity. We are all suffering in our country because we are living in a paradigm of ignorance of our basic connection to each other. Until we unsee through our fear our lives will feel lonely and disconnected. We need each other so we can remember our collective light. It's so simple and so powerful. I think we can begin shifting by starting a conversation centered around this truth in a spirit of wanting to connect to others. This will take courage but we have courage.

Let's start today. Share your light and watch how this heals others which will automatically heal you.