Unparalleled Affection, My Professional Cuddler

June 17Poncho beard in silhouette. This little guy with his mighty beard keeps me healthy. He gets me walking for an hour+ everyday. I feed him at set times which helps me to remember to eat consistently too (honestly I'm not one of those people who often forgets to eat though). He paws at my phone or keyboard when I've been on it for too long. The only thing he doesn't do is wake me up early! I'm usually up before him. I pet his sleepy head while drinking my big jar of warm water. I feel such goodness from him and it helps me to remember the deep tenderness of the world. He's curled up right next to me right not, plotting how to get me out of my pjs so we can walk into this new day. He's like a therapist meets personal trainer meets professional cuddler. I'm not quite sure what I would do without him.