What Bring You Joy But Breaks The Rules?

June 19  


This might have been breakfast yesterday... It's a weekly ritual for me and @musicfairie to do our friend Kat's (or @ginaecaruso if she's subbing) awesome 6:30 Prana Flow class on Thursdays. Then we go to @dolcezzagelato and have a bite and some uplifted conversation and then we are on our way. It's such a wonderful ritual that feeds me in every possible way. Yesterday it was so hot and the only thing I craved with my whole body and soul was a combo of brown butter + marscapone and berries gelato. The sweet guy behind the counter even made it #zerowaste for me! Rules are rules and joy is joy. I do feel like the consistency of my practices opens up more inner permission to choose joy, even when it breaks the rules. Eating ice cream everyday for breakfast wouldn't actually bring me joy but yesterday it did and feel so liberated by that. As always I'm curious about you. What bring you joy but breaks the "rules"?