A Perfect Summer Evening

July 16 Last night was the perfect summer evening. I saw the Punch Brothers and Bela Fleck + Abigail Washburn at Wolf Trap. I celebrated my stepmom's birthday with her and some lovely friends. We had a delicious little picnic from the Lebanese Taverna market (try the little spinach triangles and lebenah) and chocolate peanut butter cupcakes from Sticky Fingers.

Bela and Abigal picked the banjo and sang old coal miner spirituals and Abigal told us that she learned to clog while she was pregnant and I got such a great big human crush on her strong spirit. The rain missed us and instead we got a cool breeze across our shoulders as the sun went down and Punch Brothers came out. Their sound was old and new all in one and filled up the empty pockets of me with total hope that music on a perfect summer evening could save us all.

I thought, let's all work so hard to get to know ourselves and our patterns and then when the moment asks us let's forget everything so we can clap steady in time with the rhythm of it all.