Calling In Sick

July 22 I didn't post yesterday because I got sick on my way home from Denver. It's been while since I've felt that drained of energy. I had a day full of things to do yesterday and one by one I had to cancel everything. Even reading was too much so I turned to Amazon Prime (Mozart on the Jungle or Rupaul's Drag Race anyone?).

My instinct was to get down because I hadn't taken better care of myself. And it's always hard for me to let go productivity. It shows me how much I can confuse who I am with how much I can get done. But as the day went on, I realized how much I needed to rest and also that so many people out there can't rest when they are feeling bad. It's a luxury to be able to have downtime to heal and I really wanted to acknowledge that by taking the time to heal.

By the time I went to sleep I was feeling better on every level and thinking a day of nothing now and then could be great for my life. Maybe next time I don't have to get sick to make that happen. Now I feel ready to really get things done from a whole new place. Do you all ever have trouble taking a sick day? Curious how you handle it...