Can we talk about LOVE today?

July 17 Chai tea latte + a shortbread espresso cookie + the stunning @dolcezzagelato table + good friends to share the sweetness + a little magic from Mother Nature. Can we talk about LOVE today? Can we talk about how each of us is made of love? Love is a state of consciousness. It's a practice we have to choose to engage in on a daily basis if we want to feel good. Yes, you are imperfect. Yes people are annoying and sometimes even cruel.

Yes, the world feels like it's falling apart at the seams most days. Does any of that alleviate our personal responsibility to choose to love all the glory and all the sh*t? I don't think so. Bringing an elevated consciousness into a hard situation can change it completely. Your light always makes shadow disappear. I held back from loving fully until my father was dying. Holding him during his last days broke open my heart and showed me that nothing but love makes sense. This has changed everything in my life. We have to keep remembering, refocusing, practicing.

What helped you learn how to really love? What helps you remember today? I love you all!