Copenhagen Night And Friends

Copenhagen Night And Friends After arriving at our new hotel (beautiful of course, I'll post photos later), & taking a sauna, I went out into the Copenhagen night (which looks like day until 10 pm). I had the pleasure of meeting these longtime family friends of @jleibee. They are both brilliant linguists who were willing to take a night from their busy schedules to talk to me about hygge, minimalism, and religion within Danish culture.

The conversation turned into what it means to be a human being across time and culture and how language developed to express our shared experience. They explained how words were created to express the peaks and valleys (cycles!) within human experience and how this connects so many seemingly different cultures. They had picked out restaurant for its hygge vibe and we ate cod/salmon meatballs with fresh potatoes and drank really good Danish brown beer. I learned you never drink here without saying "skull" first but you can dig right in as soon as your food comes and that people can be so generous with their time to welcome a stranger and make her feel at home.