July 1 Here's another bit of my decluttered space. Thank you Marie Kondo! I grew up watching my single working mom rush out the door and assumed that was just how people left their houses. As an adult I've rushed a lot and been late as a result.

Habit energy is such a powerful thing! Let's never underestimate it. But the amazing thing is that we can absolutely change our habits. But we have to change up our patterns of we want to see different results. Since decluttering my space, I've felt way more spaciousness of time. All my stuff is where I need it and I'm not running back in because I forgot something.

It's liberating! And it's kinder to the people in my life because I'm not as often late (still working on this). Also I get the amazing feeling that I have control over my habits and not the other way around. I'm not perfect but I am someone who can improve the quality of my own life through little changes.

I am so endlessly grateful for this simple yet super power. What helps you create more spaciousness/less rushedness in your lovely life?