Little New Ritual

July 8 Good morning! This healing concoction is an overflowing digestive tea latte. First I steep whole cumin, coriander and fennel seeds in boiling water. This is a great #ayurvedic combo for healing digestive issues and promoting good nutrient absorption. Then I drained out the seeds, mixed in homemade walnut milk and added in a touch of grade b maple syrup and threw it all in the #vitamix. Hello foam!

I'd gotten back into drinking a cup of coffee each morning for the past couple of months. It felt great for a while and then suddenly it didn't. My body felt really acidic and my energy was dipping in the afternoons. But I kept drinking the coffee anyway which let me know it was becoming a habit. Making this tea latte is a fun way of breaking that habit energy and starting a new healing ritual. I may still drink a cup of coffee tomorrow and definitely when I go to Sweden at the end of the month (more on this soon!) but for today this tea feels great. It's a little thing but little healing things done with awareness add up to great self love.

What little new ritual is helping you to feel better about your life?