Molly and Auggie

July 18 I'm waking up this pre-bachelorette morning in Denver with Molly and Auggie. They are almost too much right?! Molly teaches me so that we do not need to be perfect in this life. There is no final test, no disagreeable judge. Molly shows up ready to love in each and every moment. I've rarely seen her to-do list stress her out. And guess what? She's a great mother, loving wife, skilled pediatrics nurse, and even manages to make it to yoga class now and then.

For many of us--myself included--we are afraid that if we drop the to-do list addiction then our lives will turn to mayhem. Practicing presence and calm has taught me exactly opposite. When I choose to exit the stress response, I am way more productive not because I have to be but because I take joy in my tasks. This opens up time in a whole new way. I know it feels risky to relax and enjoy sometimes but it's important that we challenge these assumptions so we don't waste anymore time white-knuckling life when we can be LIVING it up with grace and joy.