My Life is My Teacher

July 20 I'm flying home now from such a special weekend in Denver. At the beginning of the weekend I set the intention that I wanted it all to feel life-affirming. And it did! Dancing with dear wedding-bound Gillian on the party bus, holding my friend Molly's ancient chihuahua adoptee Bob, feeding her son August blueberries and yogurt out in the sun. It's all so beautiful and imperfect and the only way to take it all in is to humble myself to the present moment again and again.

I love my daily routine so much and sometimes I have to throw it all up into the wind so I can be present for what actually is happening. I'm understanding now that I need to have the discipline of practice so I have to strength to let go of it all sometimes too. I don't want to get brittle or hide behind what is "right." I want to dance with it all, really take in the sunshine and the sweet babies and the vulnerable moments that tie it all together. I practice relaxing into the balance of strength and ease. My life--all of it--is my teacher.