Outward Journey, Inward Work

Outward Journey, Inward Work It's been so hard to post these last few days! Our group crossed into Denmark and the pace of the trip got even faster. Then I misplaced my phone, twice! It felt like everything saying to me that it was time to turn inward. The outward journey is always so much fun for me. The inward work is harder stuff.

The truth is that I am always working with the parts of my ego that feel crummy and sticky. I deal with them when I eat too much dessert or when I am feeling shy or when I want someone to like me and I'm hustling so dang hard. I think those parts of me will always be present. The work--as I see it on my last night in Copenhagen--is to not feed those parts too much.

I feed them when I fight with them and tell myself I should already have it all figured out. I feed them when I forget to practice presence by breathing here and now. This trip on the surface has been a fairy tale dream come true. Under the surface it has given me some more wonderful perspective that it is ok to be knee-deep in the big messy process of ME. More than ever I know there is no winning this game. Instead I choose honesty, compassion and perhaps even some fun on the journey.

July 31 - 1

We met this guy in the last little stretch of biking along the Danish coast.

July 31 - 2

Despite some cold summer weather and a very high cost of living, I love Copenhagen. There is excellent fashion + design, lots of biking as transport and everyone looks like a supermodel. Also it's filled with this free-spirited air--a total lack of drama--which makes me feel quite at home, exactly as I am. Still I miss the contrast of the States, dramatic hijinks and all. More than anything I'm interested in the middle way that is beautiful while evolving, sleek and gritty, refined but with teeth.

July 31 - 3

Tivoli Gardens, home of so many wondrous things.

July 31 - 4

Guys, I got to see Belle & Sebastian tonight at the Tivoli Gardens. I've loved them since high school and have never ever seen them live. Then I found out a few days ago that they were playing for free on the last night of my trip, like magic. And they were amazing and my heart got big as I danced around to them under the full moon. It was cold but I didn't feel cold and I thought, they still have it and I think I still have it too...