Peru Folklife Festival In DC

July 3 Aren't these ladies incredibly beautiful?! I took this photo yesterday at the Peru folklife festival. (Please go if you are in DC--it's such a great opportunity to experience so much culture!) Those who know me well know that my life has been deeply linked to Peru over the past decade.

I did the Peace Corps in the mountains, studied with teachers + made a documentary in the Amazon, and took my first shaky surf lessons on the coast. I'm leading a yoga retreat to Machu Picchu in August and so very excited to share my love of Peru with my students!

On the mall yesterday, I cried watching these lovely women perform and had this knowing in my heart that I will be working in Peru more in the future. The empowering self care work that is helping my clients here in the States can also help these ladies. As it goes with visions, I don't know exactly "what" and definitely not "how" but I have a solid "why" and believe that will lead the way.

Can you help me hold my unformed yet so important vision? I'd love to hold yours for you too. Share it here or message me. Speaking our desires out loud honors them enough to take form and really become something beautiful and needed in the world.