Saying Goodbye is Always Hard

July 24 I'm Scandinavia bound this morning! The hardest part is saying goodbye to this guy. There is a weight to caring about other beings. It's a sweet weight but it's a weight on my heart. Whenever I travel I always have voices that tell me I should just stay home. I remember the first time I went to Peru. I was in tears on the plane ride down there and wrote in my journal that I was taking a big risk.

Now it's more than 10 years later and my life has forever changed from that journey (that retreat is happening so soon too). That risk paid off (they usually do). So I think the message is that saying goodbye is always hard and risks will always be scary and we should undertake that discomfort if it means following our path. How do you know if it's your path? It'll sing to you in some way, louder as you walk in the right direction. It won't make sense in the moment but it will feel right and hold you through the hard parts.

So onwards!

Sending you all some big blessings wherever you are this morning.