Selfless Love And Compassion

July 6

I spent all day yesterday with #amma, the beautiful hugging saint from India. She travels the world hugging millions of people to symbolize the tirelessly compassionate nature that lies deeply within each of us. Her example reminds me of true generosity--that when you give with an open heart it can generate so much healing and change.

Her charities help so many, her life inspires so many and yet she is just one little lady hugging each day away. As always with spiritual practice, I woke up feeling like a complete human being. My face is broken out and my thighs feel dangerously big and the sh*tty voice in my head is strong. Yet within all of that I have this immense power to love my broken bit and rough edges.

If I can love my self in this rough state then I can love others fully too, I'm pretty sure. Amma hugs people as a practice, I love my imperfections as a practice. All of it is very simple and yet truly generous and life changing when we show up in our hearts. What simple practice is helping you generate more love in this world?