A Beautiful Life, Swedish Style

IMG_3406 Arrival!IMG_3405

This is my first breakfast at my Airbnb in Stockholm.  I stayed with a single mom who told me that although she can't afford to buy her daughter lots of things, she can make it up to her by spending time with her and really listening to her stories.

IMG_3717The simple elegance of life here makes me remember that we can live well no matter what.  It's about quality versus quantity--consuming less but savoring more.  I've found that when I celebrate what I already have, it opens up so much more space for enjoyment and connection. IMG_3478Flowers everywhere! IMG_3481Everything is constructed so well here. This boat is built to last. IMG_3610

As part of the bicycle tour my aunt and uncle gifted me, I got to stay in a truly beautiful hotel.  I don't early have words for how beautiful and inspiring this space has been for me.


I'm not a big biker but I've been doing 20+ miles a day here through some very beautiful landscape.  The other people on the tour are lovely and it's good therapy for me to be part of a supportive group.  I'm also realizing how much I need to be led sometimes instead of always being the leader (although I love that too).IMG_3719Some of the gorgeous landscape from our ride through the Swedish countryside. IMG_3623

Me--tired, full and happy at the end of along day (the food is pretty amazing here.  I've eaten more smoked salmon this week than I have in the past year and I'm feeling really good about it).

IMG_3627Now we are moving on to Cophenhagen.  The adventure continues!  As always, I'm ready to learn more from the Danes and very grateful for this experience of moving so freely in the world.