That Bee Sting

July 10 Truth: Poncho has had some PTSD from Fourth of July fireworks. He's been hiding under the bed and doesn't want to go for walks. Yesterday I dragged him out and he stepped on a bee! He was so sad and kept stopping to lick his paw. It made me think about how resistance to life can really affect our quality of life.

I'm sure we've all experienced how life likes to kick us while we are down. I hope we all have experienced how when things go well, they go really well. To me, this is all about being in the flow of life. We when are in the flow, life works beautifully. When we aren't then life sends us a bee sting to wake us back up so we can get back into a higher state of mind.

It can be hard to remember that when everything feels sh*tty, but one little taste of a more transcendent thought is enough to shift everything. Here is one: the only thing you need to do today is be a little bit nicer to yourself.

How does that feel? After the bee sting I finally gave Poncho a benedryl, which calmed him down. He ate his dinner and then even tried to chase a cat this morning. We are back in business!