The Big Pool Party of Life

July 23 Pool time! I woke up yesterday feeling like superwoman after my sick day of rest and TV. Without much effort I got an amazing amount done right away and instead of pushing it farther I tried more of this R&R stuff and went to the pool. Laying out I made the decision that I wasn't going to stress about my body looking a certain way either.

My addiction to stress and my addiction to wanting to be thin are so related in my mind. They are both forms of perfectionism that tell me the lie that if I can just get it all together then I will be safe and loved forever. It's all such BS because I am so lovable right now exactly as I am. That doesn't even matter right now because I am craving the verb of LOVE more than the adjective.

I don't care about being loved, I want to LOVE this world, starting with my own precious body. I invite you to do that too today--heap on the love. Start with yourself and then share it freely in this big pool party of life.