The Past Dictates How We See The Future

July 15 I try to keep this feed to one Poncho picture a week. At times I am tempted to make him his own account! So after watching a good TED talk on the matter, I think Poncho has PTSD. Before he was rescued, he spent a while on his own wandering the back highways of southern Virginia. When I got him he was 15 lbs skinnier and really afraid of trucks.

He's braver by the road now but still freaked out by fireworks and thunder. It makes me think we are all walking around with some form PTSD. How we've experienced the past dictates how we will see the future. We've experienced hard things that that frames our perspective. It's easier to have compassion with dogs and other people on this one. It's harder to have it with myself.

I tell myself I should already be "over" it when I'm shy or scared or even angry. I feel how I feel for a reason and if I run from the feeling then I totally miss an opportunity to learn why. If I stay compassionate and curious about the "why" then I become my own friend. When I'm my own friend, healing is possible but not necessary. Taking the pressure off myself to already have it all figured out let's me actually be in full process of living my imperfect and beautiful life. As always, Poncho turns out to be quite the sage--fear of fireworks and all.