What Makes You Happy?

July 2 It's taken me a while in my life to find out what really makes me happy. For me, it's growth. I'm grateful that I've been given the space and tools to do the deeper work on myself. Some people crave this more than others. We all define it differently.

I do think making peace with your relationship to yourself and the world is something we all need to deal with at some point. This means facing fear and admitting weakness. For me it's meant a lot of self forgiveness for the times I didn't listen to or honor my own worth.

Working on myself isn't really about learning anything new or even improving myself. It's more about unseeing destructive patterning so I can see that reality is beautiful and I deserve to dance around in it. I do and we all do. Plus doing my work proactively means I can avoid the big midlife crisis thing (I think--we'll see).

What have you learned about you lately? What motivates you to work on yourself?