Yoga = Union

July 14 Lil love on the street. I walk Poncho through the same route so many times during the week. It's awesome to walk a path often because it gives me the opportunity to see how I show up differently each time. Some mornings I am reverent, aware of the sunrise and greeting each person who passes. Other afternoons I am worried and distracted and I miss everything because I'm stuck in my own head.

It's interesting to me that Poncho is always in the now. He smells everything and sees everyone. The larger part of me is that way too. My body and breath are right here and now. When my mind decides to show up to the party--wow it's amazing. The word yoga means union. It means focusing in the here and now so body, breath and mind can all hang out. It means being more like Poncho. How do you stay present in your own life?