Breathe, Smile, Remember

Breathe, Smile, Remember I got to meet this new bundle of light yesterday! She's less than a week old and it's wild to see her eyes processing the world. It reminds me that this life we are living is really a miracle! And we are all heroes (my friend the mama Colleen being my hero of the moment). I need to remember this as I am counting down three days until I leave to lead my Peru retreat. I'm barely unpacked from Europe (though luckily not jet lagged) and my to-do list is epic. Remembering the miracle of life helps me to know that 1) there is enough of everything (time, money, energy) and 2) nothing that is really important can ever be summed up by a to-do list. My plan today is to breathe, smile, remember #1 & #2 as many times as they are needed.