Lima, Peru

Lima In Lima with @musicfairie, eating delicious Peruvian food (who has tried chifa? Peruvian Chinese--in a class all its own) and regrouping before traveling to the town where I served in the Peace Corps. I have such incredible nostalgia to be here and some nerves too. It's such a different life, a harder life in some ways and a more connected life in others.

I always feel so betwixt and between when I'm floating in the space between cultures. We were talking at breakfast--soft bread and creamy cafe con leche--about how healing it is to hold so many realities at once and to realize not one is right or wrong. It takes strength and maturity to do this and a lot of truth telling. Practices like meditation/yoga help but honestly I'm finding radical self acceptance to be the most important practice for me right now.

I am, life is.

There is struggle, there is peace. Something holds it all. I can fight it or I can love it and that choice feels easy when I write it out like that. Now for the practice! Let's see what happens next..


This lady is such a lovely traveling partner/retreat assistant/career listener. Thank you @musicfairie