Peru Here I Come!

Peru Here I Come! On the super shuttle to the airport. Peru here I come! Saying goodbye to Poncho is the hardest. Good thing he can't tell time very well. Yesterday I was getting nervous about taking so many people on retreat (17 in our group!) to a new country where things don't always go to plan.

Then I talked to my soul sister D and felt like everything was in order. Then @saritalou called and then @wendyhickokphotography and then FB messages from other dear souls. Thank you all! It helped me to remember that I never do anything alone.

My success is your success. Your suffering is my suffering.

We miss the point when we forget how connected our lives are. So many of my friends are starting beautiful families and I'm so grateful that they are so I can feel that beauty through them. I will go to Peru and lead this retreat for you all. You'll be in all the beauty and the tears and the breakthroughs and I'll be in yours too. 🙏🏽