Savoring Life

Savoring Life Can you feel the prana (life!) in this bowl of cantaloupe? Cutting it up and eating it before my meals was such a joy yesterday. (Note: cantaloupe and all melons digest REALLY quickly and don't mix well with other food. Eat it at least 20 minutes before other food to give it a head start and it will help your digestion in many ways).

I'm drinking in summer in a few days and it's helping me to focus on all of the things I love: the fruit, the evening air, sitting by the pool, teaching a sweaty flow class, taking a nap on the couch next to Poncho. The shortness of it makes it so sweet. It makes me think about people who find out they are going to die and how knowing this actually helps them to really live for their remaining time. Can we find a way to do this in our day-to-day life? What are you savoring right now because you know it won't last forever?