Selfie with Erin

Selfie with Erin Made it to Peru and finally met up with the lovely @musicfairie. I got almost all of my flight times wrong yesterday (luckily didn't miss a flight) and then sank into deep sleep at my airbnb in Barranco. This morning I was going to have a relaxed waking up then realized my phone hadn't changed the time and I had to make a mad dash to the airport to catch my flight to Cusco.

Of course now that flight is delayed and the moral is that it all works out. No matter how much my mind wants to micromanage the details, I really can't right now. All I can do is flow and breath and laugh at it all. And I can trust that even when I am my most scattered ever I am still taken care of by the universe (which shows up in so many forms).

How do you feel taken care of today?