Shared Experience

August 5 It's been so fun to ride my bike since I've been home from the biking tour. It feels like I'm bringing a bit of vacation home with me. I leave tomorrow for Peru and of course I need to do so many things! I took Poncho for a run this morning (the only way I run is to give him exercise lol) and I told myself, a part of me will be present for this run and a part of me will be planning/scheming/dreaming and all of that is OK.

I feel so much permission right now--permission to be in a bad mood, permission for my body to look how it looks, permission to shine, permission to be myself, no matter how crazy or lonely or incredible that may feel. I'm noticing that this permission opens up so much more compassion for other people.

I see their struggles and don't feel like I need to fix them. I celebrate their joy without feeling like I need to copy it. It's hard to put it all into words but I feel it in my heart as a release and I know it's going to carry me into leading this Peru retreat and all that magic that will entail. Get ready for some more travel photos from me--excited to share the beauty I find. You all experiencing it with me makes me it even bigger.