Sister of my Soul

Sister of my Soul Wowee, was so blessed to have @saritalou in town this morning. She is such a sister of my soul! We met when we were 15 years old at our hippy church youth group and it was LOVE right away. Since then we've both become yoga instructors, followed our hearts into our passions (me, self care empowerment + Sarita movement, dance, healing, art) and led some amazing yoga retreats around the world.

Darling you've been a shining ray of light in my life that keeps reminding me me that yes, I am that strong and no, there is no good reason not to follow my heart. You make the world dance and we need it! Gracias a ti, te quiero.

PS: there are a few spots still open to Sarita and my New Years TRANSFORMATIONAL yoga retreat in Costa Rica this December 26-January 2. Send me a message if you want to come!