A Beautiful Coincidence

September 24Yesterday morning I woke up emotional, doubting everything about myself. I meditated through it but it came back again--all those lonely feelings that we are not supposed to talk about because they expose us as weak right? I tried to see the pope for his mass but couldn't get close and then found out I messed up a work thing which made my heart hurt even more.

I go to a Wednesday evening writing group with @onelahv and @mahogneyhope but instead of writing we poured our hearts out about how life can be so hard and if we really want to heal we need to do it from inside of ourselves. I agreed but the truth telling outside felt so important too.

I think we need both--our internal practices and a community to hold us in those feelings.

I biked home feeling light and true and happy to be alive and the sky was so beautiful. Then guess whose motorcade I biked right into? Some things in life you just can't plan out.