September 16 This photo is from last week, during a quick break from the conference.


It's everywhere but we need to get our lens on correctly to see it. There's beauty in the obvious places, like this flower and the sun streaming through the tall tall trees. But it wouldn't be so stunning with all the shadow around it. As a photographer, I was trained to look for contrast--dark and light, the odd detail that tells the whole story.

No one ever told me that I should be looking for this shadow within myself too. Instead I tried to run from it and make myself into the perfect person who could be safe from the hard parts of life.

Today my practice is to lean into it. There's so much energy in those dark emotions and I just want to feel it, integrate it, maybe make friends with it. @brenebrown says that if you don't keep your shadow in front of you that it will control your life from behind your back.

I agree with her so I'll take another deep breath into this moment and let it all be as it is, hard and real and yes so beautiful too.