Courage and True Beauty

September 13 Last sunrise view of Vancouver as I rode the sky train to the airport. It was time to go after staying in a night in the most magical airbnb and a surprise evening with @carolinedinbc!

It was a great trip.

The retreat was wonderful--so much beauty in the place and the people--and the content was deep! It's hard to express it all in this moment but I know I'll live my way into over this next year as I embark on a nine month long group facilitation program with the same organization.

I'm excited and nervous because I know it will mean growth and growth is never not scary. I hit some real fear in myself this week. It was humbling and it was necessary. It made me break into a sweat and my heart beat faster. It was just like it always was, forever scary and telling me I can't do the thing I want to do. And the cool thing is that I now know fear is workable.

If I show up with intention I can with with it and through it. I can and I have. You can and you have too. This is being a human being so interested in evolution that we are willing to risk something of ourselves. This is courage. This is true beauty to me.