Hello Fall!

September 25Here is my 'welcome fall' photo collage from yesterday. I'm greeting the autumn crispness with warmer colors and oatmeal! They are simple ceremonies but they help me and my resistance move forward with excitement instead of pure clinging.

It's the human condition to cling!

If you are judging yourself for not being able to let go of something, please--for me--be kinder to yourself about it. This is the question spirituality has been addressing for ages. The thinking part of our mind is always wanting something. That its job as a problem solver task master.

But yoga teaches us that if we pay close attention we find another part of our mind which is the witness state. The witness can watch and have compassion for the task master. The witness is who we really truly are. We only suffer when we identify with such a small part of ourselves but it's easy to get stuck there combing ourselves we'll be happier if and when... This is why meditation is SO important. It gives us the perspective we need to let go of the myth letting go and yet somehow still move forward.

Try 5 minutes today!

I'm going to do mine now.