September 22 I'm doing a couple of days of #kitchari which is a simple lentil/rice porridge that brings you back into balance in the Ayurvedic tradition. It's also pretty tasty.

When I traveled pretty much all of last month I indulged often and enjoyed it fully. Then I came home and my pants didn't fit so well and my mind felt edgy from all the coffee and pastries.

My first instinct was RESTRICTION!!!

I would force myself to get it back together. There was definitely some pride in there around teaching other people self care and how could I let this happen.... But I know enough to know that harsh restriction doesn't work. Instead I focused on gently coming back into my habits of lighter dinners, more veggies, tea instead of coffee and most importantly, being gentle with myself so I could enjoy the process.

That was two weeks ago and now my pants fit just fine and I'm feeling like myself again and yeah, I'm feeling gentle. I'm also grateful to know I don't ever have to be mean to myself again because it doesn't get me anywhere.

Self love and the actions that prove it are all I need.

What actions help you remember to love yourself?