Most Holy Father

September 23 The Pope is coming today! He'll be giving mass this afternoon at the Basilica and my plan is to go be in the crowds. I feel so much love from this man and admire how he is using his platform to create change.

It makes me think about the first time Obama was elected and how much we all needed a fresh breath within the stuffiness of politics and how exciting it was to be part of that inauguration.

All of it speaks of rebirth to me.

We totally lose our way sometimes.

Everything feels like it's craggy and futile and unfair and the more we try to get out of it, the more we struggle. Then we let go and some light breaks through and our perception shifts and suddenly there is hope and with hope comes solutions.

We move forward, stronger and more compassionate, into the next stage of ourselves. To me, this is grace. I already had a beautiful moment this morning. A bit of inspiration came through and reminded me that I am never far from a breakthrough.

It feels so insanely good, this surrender stuff. I wish you moments of that today--light breaking through the clouds, that glimpse of inspiration that changes everything, the moment where you remember the utter dearness of your life.