September 17 I saw Stromae last night, who was amazing because he is such an artist.

Wow I was really blown away by how he captivated the entire sweaty, crowded room. His show was full of animation, both light and dark. He was playing with us--having fun, lightening the mood but there was something darker in his music.

It made me think that the people who become stars do so because they have a lot of shadow. The painful stuff that's happened to us has a ton of power in it, if we are willing to face it and create from it and use it to inspire other people.

My childhood wasn't the happiest but it's the place from which I can serve other people in this healing work. If I ignored that and pretended it was all light--which I tried to do for years--I suffered. Facing my pain has freed me up in so many incredible ways. There is more to look at and it feels uncomfortable but I know there is no other way but to live from that broken place because it means I am finally whole.

No one could give this to me except me and it's the place from which I can give to others truly and there is so much beauty in that.