My Poncho

September 18 I haven't posted a Poncho picture in a while. As you can see he is still cute. He's the best actually.

I never knew how much he would really feel like my best friend! Taking care of Poncho has taught me how to really open my heart.

Human love can be more nuanced and complicated than love for a pet (in my opinion). Love for an animal is so simple. There aren't any expectations. There is just me taking him for a walk while his sniffs everything and him resting his head on my knee while I read at night.

It's the simple enjoyment of existence in each other's presence. It's him being excited to see me even after I've left him for a while. It's me never questioning whether I will take him for yet another walk. It's a natural flow of generosity.

It's beautiful!

I want to practice the love I have for Poncho more in my human relationships and with myself. I'm curious how you experience unguarded, unconditional love...