New York! New York!

September 28I'm on a quick trip to NYC to launch my first pilot "men who work on Broadway" 10 week coaching program. Today I'll lead these guys through a yoga practice, cooking lesson and give each one a tarot card reading. How fun is that?

My normal impulse of being in NYC is to ride the high of this city and pack it all in. My wonder host and soul sister @saritalou planned a chill day of brunch (the best veggie burger of my life), essential oil shopping (heavenly store here) and of course some flower sniffing (in the garden where Miranda and Steve married in Sex In The City!

I'm a dork :)).

Waking up this morning I feel good about how I am creating my life. It's not perfect but I'm learning how dance and sing at the same time, how to be relaxed and engaged, how to take good care of myself so I can be more available for other people without resentment.

And yes despite all this beauty, the sh*tty voice in my head visited as I was getting into bed last night and whispered a mean thing in my ear and I kissed it on the cheek and told it to get some rest--tomorrow would be another full day.