Perfectly Imperfect

September 30a I didn't take any photos while traveling back to DC yesterday and then realized I didn't have anything to post this morning! My instinct in these situations is always to just skip it because it's not perfect.

Yet I love posting everyday and I figured two blurry photos mashed together are better than none. It's so easy to get discouraged in the world. We can't avoid all the hardness of life that's in our face everyday.

My instinct can be to check out and avoid it--usually with baked good or Netflix--but that doesn't sit well with my integrity. My compassion is mediocre at best, my sympathy is weak and I'm not even sure I know what empathy is. Yet I still try to exercise them. I listen as best I can, try to feel with people who are hurting and take an action or two when it seems right.

I don't know exactly what it does for others but I do think it's better than nothing and it helps me not give up. It keeps me engaged at least. My blurry attempts at using my heart are just like with other exercise. They help me get stronger, little by little, day by day.

What do you think?