Peru Retreat Center

Peru Retreat Center This is one from our Peru retreat center (I have a great stockpile of #latergrams that I couldn't post while in Peru without WIFI). Life was so gorgeous and so simple there! That is such a lovely part of being on retreat: the simplification of choices. We are overwhelmed because we CAN do so much. Ayurvedically speaking, too many choices causes our vata to go out of whack. Vata imbalance makes us feel shaky, lonely, insecure.

We are afraid of making the wrong choice so we get paralyzed. Then we get frustrating with ourselves for not making the most of our life. It's a tough cycle! Most places in the world don't have the opportunities we have here in the West yet it's wise to realize all that opportunity can come with a big cost--our sense of peace. My advice is to set up a solid daily routine and stick to it 70% of the time.

Knowing how you will spend most of your day, most of the time will free up the energy you need to make your most important choices with clarity and confidence.

Does this vata concept make sense? Ask me if you have questions please!