Right here, Right now

September 15 It feels good to be...home.

This is the university by my house where I walk poncho each morning as the sun is rising high. I'm so so grateful for my travels--and there are more to come--but for right now it's such a divine feeling to be here. Right here, right now.

When I fantasize about the past or the future, I'm living in an imaginary place in my mind. This is the allure of being thin or finding a soulmate or our dream job. It's lovely and important to have desires, but if I am using them to escape the present moment then it's time to reevaluate.

This moment is my life, in all its imperfect glory, and as I breathe in and out, I can learn to tolerate all the messy joy that comes along with being a real human being. It takes practice but anything of worth takes some practice and I am committed to enjoying it all, even the stress and the self doubt and the resistance. They are all part of me, doing their jobs, and for this they can have a seat at the table.

My heart is in charge though--and she's pretty happy with how thing whole thing is shaping up.