Sunset in Peru

September 1 Here is another Peru throwback from a magical sunset night with @musicfairie. I'm finally getting back into my flow after a week of being home. In that time I ended my ladies six month continuity program (14 amazing women who have worked so hard and grown so much) and launched the next class of Self Care 101! These women are fiery and ready for change.

I'm so grateful for everything, everyone, all these opportunities to witness growth really happening. And guess what? I'm an imperfect leader. And guess what? The secret is imperfection. If I waited until everything was perfect, I would have stayed stuck out of fear. Instead I choose to flow freely, watch it unfold, say thank you, honor the sun setting and rising

All the while. Life doesn't care about us getting it right. It just wants us to keep showing up with a brave heart, again and again.