Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Card Reading Tarot is my newest creative venture. It's so beautiful and fascinating. My friend @stainlessspace is an amazing reader and I've learned so much through our sessions. I kept having the feeling like I wanted to do it too. This was the feeling I got about teaching yoga before I did my certification. I wasn't sure I would be a very good teacher because I could barely balance in tree pose. Who was I to teach other people?

My teacher trainer,the beautiful @yogachrissy told me to trust my willingness and that my desire would take care of the details. I'm so glad I did! We can talk ourselves out of almost every new pursuit. We can always justify why we shouldn't change. There are plenty of reasons not to, especially when it comes to creative works. But to indulge in something new that lights up your soul?

This is what a great life is built on. So I'm deciphering these cards (it's like learning a new language) and it's hard and it's cool and it's my life turning into something new.

What new ventures bring you joy? Could you make more time for them this weekend?