Thanks Liz!

September 27Dream come true last night--I got to see Liz! She was predictably lovely, reading from her new book on how to work with creative fears with courage and fielding questions from a sea of adoring fans. Wowza people love her.

So many who asked questions said she had helped them through a tough time in life. And I'm among them. When I was in the Peace Corps with a broken heart during my second rainy season of my service, my dear friend Susannah gave me a copy of #eatpraylove. I'd never heard of it but I was so touched by how much this author shared of her struggle.

Her story gave me hope and also helped me to understand walking a spiritual path, which has really guided me over the past decade.

For the first time in my life I wrote an author a letter, thanking her. A month later I received a postcard signed "❤, Liz" in our PCV postal box. She told me to take care of my heart. I know people have opinions about her but I've never really understood them. (Feel free to share and explain more of you do). She's is great in my book--human and brave and inspiring so many simply from standing in her own truth.