The Beautiful Life Collective

September 14 Because life moves fast these days, I went right from Vancouver travel into the opening session for my six month continuity program called The Beautiful Life Collective.

We had a lovely yoga class, a very informative and delicious cooking + meal prep class with @whyfoodworks followed by an opening circle. As I lead groups I realize how important openings and closings are for our growth. Openings are awkward but we need a chance to say "Hello. This is why I am here."

Goodbyes are sad but if we don't take the time to grieve an ending then it will always feel incomplete. I like to sit in a circle for both the beginning and the ending. We go around and everyone talks. It's easier to see each other and really listen.

By the end it comes back around again, like a natural cycle, like how it's supposed to be when we aren't clinging. If you need help with this, look at the moon--it does it majestically every month like a champ. I'll sit with these ladies again in six months and it'll be the end and we will have learned things and we will go around again and listen.

Right now though, we are beginning our cycle together--waxing like that beautiful moon of ours--and I'm so excited to see what comes from it all.