Understanding Our Darkness

Understanding Our Darkness Such a sweet weekend with my lady friends since seventh grade, since lockers and braces and all that! Now there's a new niece in the mix (she's beautiful @_grimstead_ ). Here is what nobody ever told me about growing up: that it's so wonderful! I love the self knowledge and wisdom that I'm handed each year and it's so cool to watch the process unfold for these long time friends.

We certainly aren't perfect.

My 20's were so hard--so many lonely moments were I felt like the victim. They were hard because I indulged in a lot of drama! I couldn't see what was already there, shining bright in myself. I couldn't see I had a good relationship with my dad until he was dying. I don't think the point of life is to go in with it all figured out.

We are here to live it out and sometimes suffering deeply is the only way to do that. Understanding our darkness is key to embracing our light. We get to choose the moment we want to wake up and heal the drama so we can embrace the life we really want to live. So yeah, we are all so lovely and so in process. We don't need to change anything, just see ourselves with clean glasses. That can be a life's work and it's important work.

Hope you're having a magical weekend, exactly right now and exactly the light-filled being you are...