Zero Waste

September 11 So far British Columbia is so zero waste friendly! I loved this zero waste store in Vancouver, especially that it was SO crowded. Who has heard of the #zerowaste lifestyle?

It's the idea that our over consumption is hurting us and the earth. I found a great book on the topic by Bea Johnson and it made me rethink how much I need to consume, how to support stores that sell in bulk, and why it's fun to buy most of my clothes secondhand. I'm not perfect by any means but it has changed my life by creating a more beautiful existence (trash is ugly, glass bottles are pretty) and it's healthier (bulk goods + fresh produce are healthier and I'll skip the latte most of time if it means having to throw away a cup) and it saves me money.

There is a bit of investment up front to buy your bulk gear but it pays off quickly in my experience. Plus we need to think about these topics if we want to feel connected to the earth and future generations (hint: we want to do that if we don't want to feel lonely, isolated and ineffective in our own lives).

I'd love to hear your zero waste practices and thoughts so please post!