Autumn Anxiety

October 27

We're having such a #fallgasm moment here in DC! I took this photo while walking to teach yoga yesterday evening and by the time class ended it was dark and chilly. I broke out my wooly socks when I got home and lit a candle and got cozy. I needed it!

Is anyone else feeling anxious this time of year?

There are solid reasons for this in Ayurveda (vata!) but still I know it can be hard to feel this crazy energy running through your system. I've had anxiety for as long as I can remember. Not debilitating but present and although I've never been on medication for it, I've definitely self medicated in a few ways.

Learning Ayurveda has helped me SO much to balance nervous energy. It's helped me to understand that for me, a lot of anxiety is spiritual/creative energy that I'm not tapping into. When I'm doing my work and making things and meditating, it pretty much goes away.

For me, the secret is channeling this strong energy through my body as action instead of letting it pool in my brain. Also I like sharing about it so it normalizes the experience (who isn't at least a little bit anxious in our busy modern culture?). So in case you were feeling like you are alone in these feelings, please know you are not alone.

My anxiety may never go away and I'm getting to the point which I wouldn't even choose that. Instead I want to let it flow and connect with it and remember it as strong life force within that is so eager to move out into the world. It's part of me but not ultimately me. What do you think?