Creating a Life of Practice

October 2 Yesterday I decided again not to let the rain get in the way and I took Poncho to the arboretum so we could both get some fresh air. Yes we both got soaked, yes we both had a great time.

Then I met a new friend for tea, after I taught a yoga class where I started exhausted and ended peaceful, then I visited my friends and their tiiiiiiiny new baby.

At the end of the day I asked myself if I had done anything important. It seemed like such a funny question. It was a day of being--with myself, Poncho, that tiny new life. Who knows if I'm effective or not.

Perhaps I'm the worst person to judge these things for myself. I always demand too much. But really I do know that I showed up and did my best to stay present with people. That's important to me.

What I like about creating a life of practice is that the results don't matter as much as showing up again and again for something important. It's not glamorous but it's oh so dear and effective for feeling really alive--which is probably the result I'm going for anyway.