Getting Ready For My 5-Day Video Series

October 8 Oh my, it's almost time for the premiere of my next 5-day video series called What's Good For You Is Good For Everyone! It's about how taking better care of yourself can actually help those around you.

It's taken me years to flip my self care thinking to see that my balance and strength are more needed than my people-pleasing. One video is on setting stronger boundaries, which I think we all need help with sometimes.

Next week I'll premiere one a day and each is around two minutes. As for the filming, of course the whole thing was so imperfect but with the amazing support of @onelahv and @mahogneyhope we made it happen!

I used to procrastinate everything because of something as silly as a bad hair day but now I just keep going, keep putting it out there. I believe in this self care knowledge and am witnessing how it's transforming lives. I see so clearly that it's not about me.

Plus it's so fun to take action! I am so excited to share these videos with you...stay tuned!